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Dominic McKeown
14/04/22 – 20/05/22


The University of Atypical is delighted to invite you to join us for the launch of SWADDLE, a thought provoking new exhibition by Dominic McKeown. Dominic received the University of Atypical’s Graduate Award in 2020 receiving mentoring from artists Maud Cotter and Dr Colin Darke in the preparation for his first solo exhibition.

McKeown’s work stems from years of exploration into the relationship between the body, materials and structures that envelop us. SWADDLE explores our physical contact and psychological relationship with materials from our past and present experiences, our public and private spaces.

SWADDLE invites us to consider the material value of not only the architectural space of the gallery, but relationship between the viewer and the sculptural work within it. Devised to activate a self-awareness of our own presence within space and the intimacy of scale.

When we’re born, we are swaddled in cotton wool; protected from the beginning. The combination of concrete paired with woollen textiles creates tension between the materials and what we expect or understand their function to be. This contrast encourages the viewer to reflect on personal security, confront self-awareness and the conditioning of identity. Using found textile materials, the sculptures aim to embody our knowledge of architectural spaces incorporating items associated with protection, feeling safe or sheltered and personal identity expressed through dress.

We understand concrete as a vigorous material, by wrapping it in wool its hard exterior is cushioned protecting its exposed and vulnerable surface. A mask can provide confidence, security and soften external strains.


Dominic McKeown (b.1995, Belfast) studied Textile Design, Art and Fashion at Ulster University graduating in 2014. He
has based his research and practice within his hometown of Belfast, completing a Masters in
Fine Art at Ulster University in 2020. He is a member of Flax Art Studios and is an active worker within the art community within Belfast. He is a Co-Director of Catalyst Arts alongside working as freelance art technician.
For more information – d.mck.art (instagram)

Open: Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm
Address: 109 – 113 Royal Avenue, Belfast BT1 1FF
T: 028 90239450
W: universityofatypical.org

Covid Safety:
Sanitiser units at the entrance and around the venue
Anyone who can, should wear a face covering when visiting the venue
We request that people practice social distancing inside of the space
We will be regularly sanitising all surfaces within the venue
We will no longer permit the audience/visitors to gather inside of the office space to protect staff

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Image ID: Painting on ceramic by Dara Condon as part of the Strangely Disjointed & Idiosyncratic exhibition. The painting is of a goddess in the style of an Ancient Greek bust. The goddess is wearing a face covering. The background is done in shades of blue and white. The goddess is mostly blue except for the eyes which are white. The goddess is outlined in black and there are also shades of brown in places around the neck and face.

strangely disjointed & idiosyncratic

Dara Condon was the recipient of the University of Atypical’s Graduate Award 2019 and we’re pleased to see this promising graduate’s exhibition realised. Dara’s inspiration derives from eclectic pools of thought drawing on scientific theories, sacred symbols and forms, mythology and the power of the natural world. This is Dara’s

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