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Welcome to Urban Survival Kits (USK)

This creative partnership sees the University of Atypical work in collaboration with local participants from the NOW Group, Belfast and our European partner organisations from

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Irish performance artist Sinéad O’Donnell will collaborate with Selina Bonelli (Maidstone, England) and Marta Bosowska (Poznan, Poland) on a new disability-led project and hybrid way of creative engagement. After a period of online dialogue and virtual and in-person research, the project will culminate in a residency and live public performance in Belfast.

SWADDLE – Dominic McKeown

The University of Atypical is delighted to invite you to join us for the launch of SWADDLE, a thought provoking new exhibition by Dominic McKeown. Dominic received the University of Atypical’s Graduate Award 2020 and has received mentoring from artists Maud Cotter and Dr Colin Darke in the preparation for

Accessing Architecture Exhibition

ISL Promotional video BSL Promotional video The Exhibition runs until Friday 27 January 2022 at the University of Atypical Gallery at 109-113 Royal Avenue, Belfast. Below is a virtual tour of the exhibition: ISL Tour BSL Tour  

Image ID: Painting on ceramic by Dara Condon as part of the Strangely Disjointed & Idiosyncratic exhibition. The painting is of a goddess in the style of an Ancient Greek bust. The goddess is wearing a face covering. The background is done in shades of blue and white. The goddess is mostly blue except for the eyes which are white. The goddess is outlined in black and there are also shades of brown in places around the neck and face.

strangely disjointed & idiosyncratic

Dara Condon was the recipient of the University of Atypical’s Graduate Award 2019 and we’re pleased to see this promising graduate’s exhibition realised. Dara’s inspiration derives from eclectic pools of thought drawing on scientific theories, sacred symbols and forms, mythology and the power of the natural world. This is Dara’s

Image ID: A feminine figure sits on the ground in the bottom left of the photograph. They have long reddish/brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt and teal coloured trousers. They are looking through a camera on a tripod, beside them is a wheelchair. Six people are standing in a semi circle in the background and there are other people to the left and right of the photo.

Fittings & MisFittings

The DisOrdinary Architecture Project was established in 2008. Since then a network of disabled artists have collaborated with architecture, interiors and built environment students, educators, researchers, practitioners and other interested groups to co-create new and exciting ways to do disability differently in the design of built space. Fittings and MisFittings

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