Dr Lows Prescription. Pill bottles with photos of artist over text from Mental Health through Will Training by Dr Low. Published 1950.

Jane McCormick – Not Half Right

Saturday November 10th, 2018. 2 - 4pm

The work in Not Half Right exhibition is a disjointed narrative of the artist Jane McCormick’s chronically ill life as she enters her seventh decade with all guns not blazing.

Launch: Saturday November 10th 2018 2pm to 4pm
Exhibition Dates: November 12th to December 21st 2018

She describes it as a monologue of misery, made slowly with many intermissions and peppered with moments of levity to sweeten the pill. The ephemera of a sick life and the associated pills, potions, cures and lotions are some of the themes in this work.

Not Half Right also explores rituals around healing and the never-ending search for ‘the cure’. Over the years McCormick has amassed a grand hoard of useless articles and medically related tat much of which has found its way into the drawings, prints and assemblages in the show.

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