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Brian Kielt – Confessional

Thursday 5 March – Friday 23 October 2020

University of Atypical is pleased to announce the re-opening of Brian Kielt’s Exhibition, Confessional, which sadly only had a public audience for a week when we closed due to Covid-19.

Titled Confessional, this solo exhibition features portraits and landscapes which combine found and original imagery. The shifting perspectives of these paintings prompts the viewer to – physically – take a position on these events, as we alter our stance to understand everything we are seeing and what it is trying to tell us.

Drawing on historical documents – particularly those from events of national and international shame such as genocide, war and famine – can teach us how to understand ourselves. Kielt weaves figures, objects and landscapes from these pictures into a painted tapestry alongside personal archive material: images of figures, objects and landscapes from his own life.

Brian Kielt is a painter based in mid-Ulster who makes work about memory, trauma and anxiety.

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